Your Retail Operations managers wear many hats and are responsible for organizing competing priorities. All from a remote location at headquarters. Worksmith provides complete transparency across all trades and all locations, enabling your Retail Ops team to be aware of and responsive to job requests from the field. Store managers can quickly submit requests and know the request is automatically receiving competitive bids, being approved at headquarters, and scheduling a fix.


Your office space is an investment, designed to support your employees in doing their best work. Your office manager has a thousand things to handle, from sourcing and scheduling commercial cleaners to assembling furniture, hanging whiteboards, maintaining plants and, if all goes well, eventually moving everything to a bigger location. The Worksmith platform gives you a centralized, cost-effective hub to source, schedule, manage and pay local service providers for all of these services and more, so you can focus on your core business.


Salons, Spas + Fitness Centers

In a business that’s all about rest and relaxation, you don’t want facilities issues to ruin your clients’ bliss—or jeopardize your licensure or permits. Worksmith lets your operations team manage issues from plumbing and cleaning to pest control and maintenance quickly and seamlessly, so your own experience is as stress-fee as the one you provide your clients.


Managing a clinic or medical office means holding stringent quality control standards, both to meet regulations and to give patients confidence in your ability to provide excellent care. Worksmith provides competitive bids on regular services, such as laundry, pest control and landscaping, as well as access to professional tradespeople who can solve problems quickly if and when they arise. With Worksmith, your facilities manager has instant access to cost effective solutions that keep your locations as healthy as the patients you serve.


Restaurants + Cafes

When your facilities aren’t operating correctly, it’s tough to serve customers. Whether you’re managing one location or 100, Worksmith can quickly source, schedule, manage and pay qualified vendors who can solve problems quickly while you focus on everything else. Worksmith is also a reliable resource for regular daily, weekly, and monthly needs such as dry cleaning, cleaning, window washing, pest control and landscaping.

Property Management

Whether you own and manage one building or one hundred, your ultimate goal is to see these portfolio assets grow in value over time. By offering competitive bids and access to thousands of qualified local tradespeople, Worksmith helps you keep expenses low while maintaining your physical space in the best possible condition. Best of all, the app puts transparency into the process of submitting jobs and tracking their progress, so everyone (including tenants) has a clear expectation of timing and costs. 



Opening a franchise is a huge commitment, both financially and to reputation of the parent brand. For regular maintenance or problem solving when every minute counts, Worksmith lets you put the right workmen to the right place at the right time and streamline best practices across your locations. And, with competitive bids and economies of scale, Worksmith makes the most of every maintenance dollar so you can focus on your product, employees and customers.