How Salvatore Ferragamo Builds Brand Loyalty With Employee Uniforms and Garment Alterations


Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the world's leaders in the luxury industry. The brand is distinguished by style, creativity, innovation, and the quality and craftsmanship of Italian-made goods. Ferragamo stores reflect these values in their design, products, and service offerings. We interviewed Belisario Rojas, the Director of Salvatore Ferragamo, Bal Harbour, to understand how employee uniforms and customer garment alterations contribute to the overall Ferragamo store experience.

What is the Ferragamo uniform for store employees?

At the moment, the ladies uniform is slacks or a skirt paired with a white shirt and cardigan or a short sleeve sweater. For men, it is a suit with a white shirt, tie, belt and shoes.

How often does it change?

The last time it changed was about four years ago.

Why is it important to Ferragamo to have employee uniforms?

It allows us to represent the brand the way the company wants it to be represented. The uniform is professional. Well-dressed employees enhance our clients’ perception of our store environment and our professionalism.

What services do you offer customers in terms of garment alterations?

Anything that is needed for the client to feel absolutely amazing.

Why do you think it is important to offer customer alterations?

It makes the ordinary extraordinary!

Have you seen a positive customer response by offering this service?


Does it drive repeat purchases from customers coming back into the store?

Absolutely. Our clients know that we provide amazing tailoring expertise; they know that when they come to our store to find an outfit for an occasion, they will look fantastic.

Has offering alterations promoted more sales?

Yes. Many clients prefer made-to-measure pieces, so having our tailor as a partner has allowed us to build up that clientele. Additionally, we have built client loyalty because of the type of alterations we offer. Today we made a large sale to a client with whom we have built a relationship over the past seven years. He loves the tailoring we offer, so he always comes to Ferragamo in preparation for events.

How has the Worksmith platform made it easier to manage your uniform dry cleaning and customer alterations?

It definitely has helped us to eliminate the time we used to utilize for invoicing, and it helps us to be more organized.

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