Introducing InStore

Since Worksmith started in 2015, we have been privileged to build our company in an industry that is undergoing a truly extraordinary transformation. Retail is not dying; it is being revolutionized. We have watched as emerging online brands and innovative retailers have changed the way retail is done.

As we have come to learn, no good retail strategy is implemented successfully without the help and execution of passionate store employees, managers, and operations teams. The fact is, the revolution is happening in the store. While many publications have written about this exciting time, none have given voice to the people who are taking this revolution from concept to reality in the stores themselves.

Starting today, we want to hear from YOU.

I am thrilled to introduce InStore, a new blog and newsletter to capture the heartbeat of the retail revolution. We will share interviews, in-depth profiles, surveys, news roundups, and other insights from the people on the front lines of this revolution.

To get started, I have a simple request for you: send in a picture of your innovative retail store. We’ve heard about your innovative visual displays, unique store experiences, and engaging store associates. Now, we want to see the pictures! Just email me the photo and a brief description to I will review and share for everyone to see those that are especially creative and inspiring.

It’s time to see what you have in store!

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Bryan Burkhart

Founder & CEO